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E-cigarette manufacturer Kimree files for a $125 million US IPO

Kimree, which designs and manufactures electronic cigarettes for US tobacco companies, filed on Monday with the SEC to raise

up to $125 million in an initial public offering.

Kimree claims it was the second largest e-cigarette designer and manufacturer in the world in terms of both revenue and

production volume in 2013. The company recently launched its own brand of rechargeable e-cigarette, which it distributes

through e-commerce channels. Its top five largest customers accounted for 94% of revenue in the 1H14, and its largest

customer, which sources e-cigarettes to Altria, was 79% of sales. Customers in the US represented 90% of sales in the 1H14 and

the EU represented 9% of sales.

Revenue increased 57% to $51 million during the six months ended June 30, 2014. Gross profit doubled to $20 million as gross

margin expanded about over 8 percentage points to 39%. Operating income spiked 114% to $14 million.

Another e-cigarette company, Electronic Cigarettes International Group ( ECIG ), filed for a $173 million uplisting to the

NASDAQ in May, and could launch soon.

The company is owned by its six founding Directors.

The Huizhou, China-based company, which was founded in 2010 and booked $98 million in sales for the 12 months ended June 30,

2014, plans to list on the NASDAQ under the symbol KREE. Kimree initially filed confidentially on July 10, 2014. Citi is the

sole bookrunner on the deal. No pricing terms were disclosed.

Article reproduced from: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/e-cigarette-manufacturer-kimree-files-for-a-125-million-us-ipo-cm396484

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Kimree Files for IPO: Profitable E-Cigarette Maker in China

Kimree Inc. has filed an F-1 statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an initial public offering.

No terms were given for the offering, but it can potentially raise up to $125 million. The company plans to list on the Nasdaq

Global Market under the symbol KREE. The sole underwriter for this offering is Citigroup.

Kimree designs and manufactures e-cigarette products. These range from disposable e-cigarettes to rechargeable e-cigarettes

and e-cigarette accessories. The company also launched its own brand of rechargeable e-cigarette called Ekmizer in May 2014,

which is a personal vaporizer that allows users to refill liquid solutions on their own. The company primarily distributes

Ekmizer through e-commerce channels.

While 24/7 Wall St. does not usually print when companies say they are a “world-leading company” in their field, the IPO

filing does include a Frost & Sullivan reference showing that Kimree was the second largest e-cigarette designer and

manufacturer in the world in terms of both revenues and production volumes in 2013.

Kimree and its founders claimed to have 334 e-cigarette related patents registered in China, two patents and 150 community

designs registered in the European Union, and 13 patents registered in the United States. Another claim is that it and

founders have 48 international applications published and 466 filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

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The company manufactures its e-cigarette products in Guangdong Province, China. In 2012, 2013 and the six months ended June

30, 2014, Kimree produced and sold 12.3 million, 47.3 million and 27.3 million units, respectively, of e-cigarette products.

The company also claims to have a customer base that is from more than 20 countries.

Kimree’s revenues increased from $21.3 million in 2012 to $79.7 million in 2013. Its revenue increased by 57.4% from $32.6

million for the six months ended June 30, 2013, to $51.3 million for the six months ended June 30, 2014. Kimree’s net income

increased from $0.7 million in 2012 to $13.3 million in 2013. Also, net income increased by 121.5% from $4.6 million for the

six months ended June 30, 2013, to $10.2 million for the six months ended June 30, 2014.

Article reproduced from: http://247wallst.com/consumer-products/2014/09/29/kimree-files-for-ipo-profitable-e-cigarette-maker-


Electronic cigarette store store guidebook

See a lot of people ask to open an electronic cigarette retail outlet What exactly are the procedures, but no person always beneficial response, displaying the industry definitely immature. The moderator is here these days to become introduced, imperfections, please add!

One need to document

one organization license: must.

This is certainly the key paperwork to your community industrial and commercial bureau to apply for a organization license, is now engaged inside the mass line, as well as procedures to be effortless to handle such a considerable surface of numerous, many areas have focused on government affairs dealt with hall to hall application, will quickly have the ability to try and do down.

2 Other licenses: Based on the Bureau request.

Diverse elements with the Marketplace and Commerce Bureau may need diverse peripheral paperwork, do the way in which a license when asked, based on the needs apply to industrial and commercial bureau.

Two, no documents

Tobacco monopoly retail license: no.

Lots of people wonder no matter if this certificate, obviously tell you that promote electronic cigarettes usually do not need this card, due to the fact the electronic cigarette will not be included while in the tobacco monopoly, the state no pertinent policies, to ensure you buy you are going to speedily sell huh.

Third, the danger

The biggest threat is policy possibility, if one particular day include electronic cigarette tobacco monopoly, otherwise you can quickly do the following tobacco monopoly retail license, or only quietly closed down.

Fourth, the problems

Open the store is really an excellent note, the biggest challenge is still in early stages of development, the domestic marketplace is still pretty modest. You open the store inside a city, the two to company prospects, but in addition create client.

Fewer consumers, you simply sell e-cigarettes, it is difficult to make out.

V. Recommendations

Based mostly on the over examination, the electronic cigarette offers you dwelling following several strategies:

1 handle small business license on the similar time, the tobacco monopoly license application, authentic smoke, electronic cigarette, smoking a promote. Program of enterprise of targeted improvement of electronic cigarette! This is a long-term program.

two dressed club mode, the electronic cigarette to become a bar, decorated like a bar, exchange of electronic cigarettes, consuming water, beverages and so forth. It is actually expedient.

U.S. FDA proposal to ban the electronic cigarette was weaker than anticipated, good electronic cigarette

April 25, the U.S. Foods and Drug Administration (FDA) released on Thursday, explained the proposal would prohibit minors beneath the age of 18 to promote e-cigarettes, but are certainly not constrained seasoning solutions, online income or related promoting.

Specification also demands that all electronic cigarette solutions listed have to undergo prior to the FDA approved electronic cigarette electronic cigarette manufacturers specify contain addictive nicotine while in the item description, as well as FDA filing products and product or service ingredients must not declare that electronic cigarettes safer than other tobacco items.

In addition, suppliers also must not use phrases this kind of as “light taste”, “taste moderate” and also other phrases to describe the electronic cigarette, not distributed totally free trial items and may perhaps not perform the sale of vending machines by minors.

USA FDA director Margaret Hamberger (Margaret Hamburg) on Wednesday statement, the specification landmark within the scientific neighborhood to even further clarify the hazards of electronic cigarettes soon after, FDA will announce extra stringent bill.

For your public launch from the bill mixed. Reuters quoted a professor at San Francisco Tobacco Research and Schooling Center, University of California, Stanton Glantz as saying the proposal is very disappointing, because it does not restrict the electronic cigarette marketing tools, minors may also be affected.

Jason Healy (Lorillard Inc) blu eCigs e-cigarettes Lorillard, president of your organization mentioned, FDA proposal was manufactured ??over the basis of science, we even now have to be finished during the public discover time period. Lorillard Enterprise and its NJOY and Logic Technologies co occupy 80% of electronic cigarette industry.

Several analysts think the U.S. media have, FDA this long-awaited proposal shows that, for the ¡ê 2 billion field to the initially time federal regulators not as some firms are anxious much less severe, and these laws will consider numerous years to estimate the total impact. Even a Wells Fargo analyst stated the proposal is usually a beneficial for the sector.

Following the announcement, stocks of electronic cigarette corporations had been recorded gains, Victory E-cigarettes Corp (OTCMKTS: ECIG) rose 4.42%, Lorillard Inc. (NYSE: LO) rose 0.76%. But public health advocates are deplores, they mentioned, it’s going to increase the chance of the new generation of young persons to consider smoking, and these young men and women for long-term use of the electronic products induce well being hazards don’t have an understanding of. UC investigation and schooling center for tobacco control, explained Professor Grants, disappointed on this proposal, the adverse affect of government departments from the solution for the young children induce blindness, absolutely ineffective.

In this regard, FDA Secretary Hamberger mentioned at a news conference Wednesday, the proposal is only the initial stage, if the scientific evidence to assistance measures they’ll take even more far more extensive and severe restrictions. Some electronic cigarette businesses expressed concern, indicating the door was not shut tight watch, the government continues to be feasible to take additional stringent manage measures. Accounting for 80% of this industry president Lorillard Tobacco Firm Healy stated the proposal displays the FDA is focusing on a scientific basis, but ultimately good or undesirable to listen to public opinion wants to have opinions.

Some marketplace analysts assume that within a decade the marketplace sales surged from ¡ê two billion each year to in excess of 85 billion U.S. dollars annually. Electronic cigarette proponents claim that it is a safer choice to common cigarettes way because it isn’t going to produce toxic tar harm the lungs

automotive interior compact enclosed environment

e cig Introduction: It really is learned the electronic cigarette and Ze America, through the owner to begin assisting individuals improve smoking cessation assure interior air quality.

electronic cigarette information and facts message: I think that many car or truck drivers possess the working experience of smoking, automotive interior compact enclosed environment, if someone can instantaneously realize the magnificent landscape of smoking smoky. At the same time the passengers will also be secondhand smoke, these days we advise a classy electronic cigarette, you can Falls will help you quit smoking even though driving, owners why not?

Essentra organization

electronic cigarette www.kimree.com Union Message: Essentra organization, explained the firm introduced a full variety of e-cigarettes service programs, including plastic parts, parts, and science-based style and design so as to boost the reliability and conducted. The corporation said: “In support of scientific solutions presented through the testing laboratory analytical data underneath, Essentra companies realize the electronic cigarette marketplace is really a lack of consistency of performance issues outcome, the company’s philosophy is definitely an crucial consumer, its electrons. Smoke program not merely to innovate, but additionally trusted, and deliver the identical working experience with all the conventional cigarette on cigarette represented. “

AAStocks Information Agency December 5 hearing

electronic cigarette Union message: AAStocks Information Agency December 5 hearing, informed sources said that the electronic cigarette Chamber of Commerce’s current collection of member makers of patented merchandise, prepared to construct the country’s initially electronic cigarette brand original group, Just after the tour on the Usa in January 2014 CES exhibition organized propaganda. The supply also stated that brand constructing is always to let consumers acknowledged China’s innovative solutions. It can be understood that domestic producers from the electronic cigarette marketplace, element on the lack of patent protection. From the finish of October, a Chinese citizen over 137 lead to sector hot electronic cigarette patents registered in Spain, so that Chinese domestic makers short-term loss of the Spanish market place. “The United states of america CES exhibitors a lot of pros, to start with of all, you could let all people know China’s patent items; followed by business specifications, and we self-developed goods, is not going to copy to copy,” Chamber of Commerce vice president of e-cigarette Huang Guihua said. It really is reported that, CES will likely be held in Las Vegas, January 7, 2014 ?? ten days. CES is definitely the world’s greatest buyer technology Electronics Show. The 2014 Global Shopper Electronics Show will have over more than 3,200 producers, to show a complete 15 classes of items, twenty technologies zone, and announced that more than twenty,000 varieties of new goods come out. Previously, Haier, Hisense, Lenovo, consisting of a lot more than 300 enterprises, “Chinese Army” has a sturdy assault, have demonstrated their independent innovation goods. A-share corporations, Wei Li billion for domestic electronic cigarette battery’s leading enterprises, output merchandise are primarily for export to Europe, America and various regions. The organization said, to benefit through the growth in demand for overseas electronic cigarette battery product sales in superior problem. Agency expects Wei Li billion in 2013 electronic cigarette battery product sales will attain 400 million yuan, in 2012 the organization revenues of 610 million yuan.

Dongfeng shares and Shanghai have also intervene green new electronic cigarette business enterprise, each to become jointly funded the establishment on the enterprise, engaged inside the atomizer growth, manufacturing, plus the latter for being invested to setup a holding company engaged during the advancement and manufacturing on the nebulizer.

Currently electronic cigarette appeared in social activities

Assessment: It truly is learned the electronic cigarette as early as 2006 when he relies on his status being a healthier substitute to classic cigarette products in the foreign marketplace set off a smoke-free cigarette “atomization” of innovation boom . Currently electronic cigarette appeared in social activities, began their particular brand. Electronic cigarette facts message: e-cigarettes as early as 2006 when he relies on his cigarette as an choice towards the regular identity of wellbeing solutions in foreign markets set off a smoke-free cigarette “atomization” of innovation boom. Specifically in the United states of america such diverse country, using the most front-end, most technological innovation, quite possibly the most liberal culture, the electronic cigarette “unprecedented” inside the huge vast majority of people get the help and recognition. Under the effect of the robust information on the thought of new items, all sorts of electronic cigarette linked alliances and forums in multiple spots spread out, nearly from the exact same time period, quite a few electronic cigarette related new ideas and vocabulary can also be born out. “Smoke-free environment”, “health opportunity”, “fashion darling,” “atomization trend”, “famous trend”, accompanied by the emergence of those new phrases, new enterprise possibilities inside the brief time it has been excavated. In Europe and America, a lot of companies have tried to involve all the qualities and temperament in the electronic cigarette is extended to all walks of daily life in society, through which the principle target groups for your public, including large society groups. With all the organization productive propaganda, so create its smokeless e-cigarettes, overall health, vogue together with other image, and then seem in our area of vision, and sought soon after by celebrities all walks of life. It’s explained that while in the final 6 months, many well-known electronic cigarette brand names have a favourable exercise to all varieties of variety of social activities, some sponsored sporting events, promising music awards will present presents. Enterprises to actively take part in social activities with nonprofit and business properties previously, through cooperation and interaction concerning one another as a way to create win-win situation. Individuals usually are not just basically target on their merchandise, production line operations too as common promoting channels, and far better at proactive vendor brand in social actions, extra generally than some would blunt promotional brand makers additional influential. “The yearly MTV awards will complete it really is cutting-edge, prime, and such activities are incredibly appropriate for our electronic cigarette brand corporations to sponsor.” Jason Healy because the electronic cigarette brand’s responsible particular person mentioned:. “Now more and more The extra musicians and celebrities have begun to shift from smoking cigarettes, electronic cigarette use, whether or not inside the foreground or even the background. This is our business enterprise and retain a loyal customer the most beneficial time romantic relationship. “In addition, he also emphasized to participate in social pursuits many harvest and advantages brought his brand, and hope that his brand of electronic cigarette market as being a whole is usually topic to much more recognition and support. In North America, most of the local companies really need to market their brand expertise merchants. Operators who to the initial time the use of electronic cigarettes, can generally be provided the chance to free of charge trial. Below a related line of electronic cigarette retail network in the country stretches, which might be viewed within the electronic cigarette audience gathering area. Product sales in other parts, including retail e-cigarettes and electronic cigarette critique web-sites on-line is also limitless. Low-priced holidays price reduction coupons get associated with pursuits, almost all of these firms are used to attract individuals promotional trick. All provides on-site or on-line expertise services are attempting to narrow the distance in between individuals and merchants.

Pick a Dependable Electronic cigarettes to your Grandpa

My grandpa has become smoking to get a extended time and doesn??t look want to quit. Considering that I knew about e-cigarettes, I want to persuade him to cut back utilizing smoking, if attainable. Everyone knows that any time you use regular cigarettes in the early days, you won??t come to feel the dangers of smoking. But since the time gone by, smoking will harm your wellbeing steadily. Special Electronic Cigarette Conventional cigarettes may cause lots of health and fitness issues, like heart attack.

The e-cigarettes allow the users to regulate the nicotine levels optionally. You’ll be able to maximize or decrease the level to attain a better vaping practical experience while you wish. Besides, it truly is less expensive than common cigarettes so you can invest significantly less on electronic cigarettes. There are thousands of e-cigarettes brand names to decide on from, amid which numerous flavors you are able to choose up.

It??s a wise preference to motivate your grandpa to accept the most recent technological innovation and most innovative products. You can see how superb for your grandpa to appreciate his most familiar factor that has a safer and healthier way. What??s far more, you can inform your grandpa the vapor is harmless and he can smoke close to kids without having second hand smoke worries. In some cases, Disposable E-cigarette it turns into more straightforward to influence your family members to quit smoking cigarettes. Wish to know far more information about e-cigarettes? Desire to locate a reliable electronic cigarette retailer? You could go to kimree.com.

Ought to We Embrace Electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarette Business is increasing

The development of e-cigarettes is a part of as a result of fast depression of traditional cigarettes sale. Quite a few surveys demonstrate that e-cigarettes also can do additional support than gum or patches plus a latest study discovered that about 0.seven million ex-smokers ever applied e-cigarettes inside their total quitting system.

E-cigarettes incorporate less chemical compounds items

E-cigarettes really are a worthy way for smokers that want to quit the tobacco habit. As we know, most e-cigarettes have a equivalent searching with standard cigarettes. Rather than smoking, the e-cigarette end users are inhaling water vapor that is certainly tar – cost-free, dangerous chemical compounds – free of charge. Conventional cigarettes are unsafe mainly because they contain many carcinogens chemical factors. Also, lots of specialists have worked on quite a few years learning no matter if electronic cigarettes can assist quit smoking.

A greater resolution for smokers who want to quit smoking

E-cigarettes are smokeless. Customers only inhale the water vapor that created by heating up liquid nicotine. Standard cigarettes have a large number of chemical substances and 70 recognized carcinogens. E Hookah , electronic cigarettes only have various chemical substances, which might be authorized by FDA. And it’s a substantial a part of the alternative. Smokers who switched to e-cigarettes have lowered their hazards of heart assault and other matters.